Financial & Strategic Advisory

EFCG maintains retainer client relationships with many of the top A/E/C firms in the world and has served as a retained advisor to over 300 firms. This group represents our core clients who benefit from regular access to the EFCG team’s diverse expertise, industry data, insights and advice, business solutions, and publicity. Many of our retainer clients have been working with EFCG for over 15 years and leverage our experience and perspectives on a monthly basis or through quarterly projects.


Outside of EFCG’s retainer client relationships, EFCG supports clients across the A/E/C industry on key projects and strategic initiatives, including Peer Benchmarking, Valuations, Technology Strategy, and Post-Merger Integration.

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Peer Benchmarking Analysis

Our signature offering is a “Peer Benchmarking Analysis”, or what we call a ‘financial MRI’ – it compares our clients to 20-40 peers across 150+ financial and business metrics, enabling EFCG and our clients to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a firm and develop an action plan to address key opportunities. We conduct over a hundred of these analyses each year and they are included in every Valuation we complete for clients. For more information on PBAs, please reach out to Vishal Menon ( ).

Internal Ownership Transitions

One of the biggest challenges for an employee-owned firm is navigating Internal Ownership Transitions (“IOT”) from a financial perspective. EFCG works with clients to create a clear plan and approach for Ownership Transitions, including capital flows modeling, valuations, and communication plans to support a seamless transition. For more information on IOT, please reach out to Rebecca Zofnass (

Capital Flows Modeling

In a COVID-driven recession, the cliché “cash is king” is more important than ever.


Over the last two months, EFCG has developed a cash flows forecasting tool to help your firm make critical cash flow decisions. We have leveraged our 30 years of proprietary data, and our advisory and financial capabilities, to help you forecast the next 18+ months of cash flows and identify which of 15+ cash levers to pull during this rapidly changing period, based on your firm’s specific situation and risk profile. Below you will find a video highlighting the functionality of our Monthly Cash Flows Forecasting Tool as well as the EFCG Cash Management Matrix. Please contact us to do a deeper dive, and leverage our monthly cash flows forecasting tool to understand your monthly operating assumptions and identify your biggest cash users, or supplement your existing cash flow models. EFCG will help you note where you are now, where you are going, and provide options to manage COVID-19’s impact on your firm. For more information, email Chien Ming Lim at

Company Valuations

EFCG has been completing valuations for companies in the A/E/C Industry for the last 30 years and leverages its proprietary database, the Peer Benchmarking Analysis tool, and database of M&A transactions in order to assess the value of client companies. For more information on Valuations, please reach out to Batu Alpen (



Growth & Overhead Planning

EFCG’s head of Advisory, Rebecca Zofnass, was formerly at Bain & Co, one of the world’s most successful consulting firms, and spent the majority of her time working with CEOs and leadership teams to develop their strategic 5-year vision, cut costs, and improve businesses. For more information about strategic planning, please reach out to Rebecca (

Business Development & Marketing

In addition to tracking BD / Marketing spend and success rates over time for the A/E/C Industry, EFCG also has several team members on staff with significant sales and marketing experience both inside and outside the industry. For more information on BD/ Marketing, please email Jon Frieman (

Risk Management & Recession Planning

EFCG has conducted a study of 60+ firms between 2004 and 2018 to look at their performance before, during and after the last recession to identify those firms that did exceptionally well, those that held steady and those that struggled. We are offering our clients an opportunity for a “Recession Planning Workshop” to share the results of our study, discuss how your firm specifically fared, and lead a discussion around what steps you should take to prepare for the next recession. Email Rebecca Zofnass  ( to get started.

Technology Strategy

EFCG’s Technology Practice provides A/E/C firms baseline and peer benchmarking analysis of internal and client facing technology portfolios and works closely with firm leadership to assist in developing and delivering strategies to improve ROI, enhance market position, and fully leverage resources and intellectual property. Email EFCG Technology Practice Lead Marcus Quigley ( for more information.

Sustainability Practice

EFCG’s Sustainability Practice has a mission of enabling A/E/C firms to enhance their position in the industry by embedding ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies in their core business functions. Through an integrated approach with its Strategic Planning, Financial Services, Technology, and Talent Management expertise, EFCG assesses how a firm is performing today and what real market opportunities it can unlock by implementing sustainable initiatives and aligning with key ESG targets. Our service offerings include sustainability advisory on corporate strategy and operations, assessment of climate risks and resiliency, ESG benchmarking of projects or investment portfolios, and support with reporting and communications. Ultimately, we take a customized, data-driven approach for each firm so they can respond to new challenges with meaningful solutions, increase revenues and profits, and evolve in a way that preserves their mission and culture.  For more information about Sustainability, please reach out to our Director of Sustainability & ESG, Dr. Andreas Georgoulias (



Talent & Organizational Design

EFCG’s Talent Strategy Practice helps firms improve their people strategy. Leveraging EFCG’s proprietary HR and compensation industry data as well as best practices from both inside and outside the industry, EFCG helps firms identify how to best keep and develop their valued talent. EFCG regularly works with A/E/C firms to assess the effectiveness of their organizational design, benchmark their compensation and incentives structure against industry standards, and shape their talent strategy to support their larger strategic goals and adapt to new challenges. Email EFCG Talent Strategy Practice Lead and Managing Partner Julie Hasiba ( for more information.

Leadership & Management Strategies

With team members coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, EFCG is able to provide unique insights to the A/E/C industry and advise clients on leadership development and skills, management strategies, and training and workshops for their rising leaders and employees. For more information, please reach out to Jon Frieman (

Post-Merger Integration and Change Management

EFCG has a strong Post-Merger Integration practice, supporting both our buy and sell-side clients after a transaction. EFCG’s Post-Merger Integration services include setting up an Integration Team, developing timelines and milestones for key integration activities, identifying major obstacles to successful integration and designing communication plans and cascades. For more information reach out to Julie Hasiba (

Due Diligence for PE Firms and Family Offices

EFCG’s unique position in the A/E/C space, combined with its management consultant expertise, enables the firm to quickly and effectively support Private Equity firms and Family Offices with due diligence on the A/E/C industry and sub-markets. Reach out to Rebecca Zofnass ( for more information.


For more information about Financial & Strategic Advisory please contact Rebecca Zofnass at