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EFCG maintains retainer client relationships with many of the top A/E/C firms in the world and has served as a retained advisor to over 300 firms. This exclusive group represents our core clients who benefit from regular access to the EFCG team’s diverse expertise, industry data, insights and advice, business solutions, and publicity. Many of our retainer clients have been working with EFCG for over 15 years and leverage our experience and perspectives on a monthly basis or through quarterly projects.


Our signature offering is a “Peer Benchmarking Analysis”, or what we call a ‘financial MRI’ – it compares our clients to 20-40 peers across 150+ financial and business metrics, enabling EFCG and our clients to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a firm and develop an action plan to address key opportunities. We conduct over a hundred of these analyses each year and they are included in every Valuation we complete for clients.

Recent Projects

EFCG also executes special projects for clients that typically fall under the traditional “management consulting” umbrella. These assignments cover critical topics facing our clients, including in the following ways:

  • Evaluation of client org structure to meet strategic objectives

  • Deep dive on marketing investments and ROI

  • Development of performance-based compensation strategy

  • Support on leadership transition strategy

  • Leadership training for office / sector leadership teams

Monthly Cash Flows Forecasting Tool

In a COVID-driven recession, the cliché “cash is king” is more important than ever.


Over the last two months, EFCG has developed a cash flows forecasting tool to help your firm make critical cash flow decisions. We have leveraged our 30 years of proprietary data, and our advisory and financial capabilities, to help you forecast the next 18+ months of cash flows and identify which of 15+ cash levers to pull during this rapidly changing period, based on your firm’s specific situation and risk profile. Below you will find a video highlighting the functionality of our Monthly Cash Flows Forecasting Tool as well as the EFCG Cash Management Matrix. 

Please contact us to do a deeper dive, and leverage our monthly cash flows forecasting tool to understand your monthly operating assumptions and identify your biggest cash users, or supplement your existing cash flow models. EFCG will help you note where you are now, where you are going, and provide options to manage COVID-19’s impact on your firm.

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