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Sustainability & ESG

Corporate Sustainability & ESG Strategy

We use an integrated approach to assess our clients’ current standing and delineate their Corporate Strategy on Sustainability & ESG. We help our clients focus on their Sustainability & ESG priorities, conduct materiality assessments to identify key risks, establish specific short and long-term goals, better understand how to measure ESG, and specify performance indicators to achieve and monitor performance.

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Corporate Sustainability & ESG Strategy
ESG Reporting and Communications
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ESG Reporting and Communications

EFCG assists clients in communicating how Sustainability & ESG can help create a more successful and impactful firm to their staff, clients, and the public. We help our clients develop an effective strategy to communicate their Sustainability/ESG achievements, select the right framework for their firm to disclose performance, pinpoint the key sustainability priorities and goals, and identify critical stakeholders to join the communication efforts.

Resiliency / ESG Market Analysis & Insights
Sustainability / Resiliency / ESG Market Analysis & Insights

We help our clients expand their Sustainability / Resiliency / ESG capabilities towards client-facing work and capture significant new revenue opportunities. We focus on identifying which practice areas would work best for each firm and specify an action plan to develop and expand them. We inform our approach with our proprietary database and industry metrics, as well as through custom market analyses and research.

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Technical Benchmarking & Due Diligence
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Technical Benchmarking & Due Diligence

We provide technical benchmarking and due diligence services on sustainability and ESG, offering best-of-class assessment and impartial insights on how organizations or project entities perform across all major KPIs and/ or reporting frameworks, where risks may exist, and how interested third parties can holistically evaluate the ESG position of an asset or organization.

ESG Capabilities Support & Training
Sustainability / ESG Capabilities Support & Training

EFCG helps clients expand their Sustainability & ESG capabilities through specialized training and development programs. We help clients develop resources that highlight the big picture of Sustainability & ESG or a particular dimension of interest, and plan and implement capability-development workshops for their staff. The resource programs and workshops discuss project examples, industry best practices, and provide reference guides that can be utilized by project managers and executives to integrate Sustainability & ESG aspects in projects and built confidence in client-facing activities.

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