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"EFCG stands above the rest of the advisory firms in their dedication to the A&E industry. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide value to our industry. Through their contributions and personal support, we have become a better and more sophisticated firm. It is evident that the leadership at EFCG cares deeply about the A&E industry. They have built an incredible collection of unassuming talent that is focused on providing value to your firm, regardless of size or seeming importance. Their stewardship of our industry runs deep and long."

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EFCG maintains retainer client relationships with many of the top AEC firms in the world and has served as a retained advisor to over 300 firms. This group represents our core clients who benefit from regular access to the EFCG team’s diverse expertise, industry data, insights and advice, business solutions, and publicity. Many of our retainer clients have been working with EFCG for over 15 years and leverage our experience and perspectives on a monthly basis or through quarterly projects. See below for the specific groups that sit under Advisory:

For more information about Advisory please contact Vishal Menon at

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