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"EFCG has been a tremendous partner. As the CEO, I have always wanted to bring others up to speed so they can see things through my vantage point. The Business Leadership Forum (BLF) has been a tremendous resource for GeoEngineers. The BLF provided the future leaders of GeoEngineers a perspective on finance, marketing, technology, human resources, operations and growth that will help our firm moving forward. Now that more people at our firm know how the whole business works, we are better equipped to pull levers knowing both the positives and unintended consequences."

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Talent Advisory Retainer

Talent management is the biggest challenge for AEC firm leadership, as the industry feels a multitude of competing pressures. EFCG helps you respond well to those pressures through a monthly retainer partnership dedicated to helping you answer your most challenging talent-related questions. We leverage the EFCG data, insights, and subject matter expertise to help you assess how you can invest effectively in the employee experience to set your firm apart and hire and keep your best talent.

Virtual Team Meeting
Employee Experience Assessment
Business Leadership Forums
Leadership Presentation
Business Leadership Forums

EFCG offers customized training programs for the top talent in your firm, providing them with the tools and skills to become better leaders, managers, and strategic thinkers. Leveraging EFCG’s industry data and expertise, participants engage in sessions covering the major financial and strategic issues leadership teams grapple with today, as well as successful methods for skillset development.

Compensation Analyses
Compensation Analyses

EFCG conducts customized benchmarking on your firm’s executive and non-executive positions, enabling you to recognize how you compare to peer firms and where you can make the right investment in compensation. We work with you to understand what you need to do to stay competitive in one of the most challenging environments for talent in the last 30 years.

Data on a Touch Pad
Organizational Design
Business Meeting
DEI Benchmarking Assessments

EFCG offers diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) peer benchmarking to help your firm see where it sits today against peers and the possibilities for where you can be in the future. If your firm wants to improve its efforts around DEI, EFCG can help you think about how and where DEI can play an active role.

For more information about Talent Strategy please contact Vishal Menon at

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