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Technology Practice

Technology Strategic Planning & Road Mapping

The cornerstone of our client-focused approach is to provide trusted advice and strategy support directly to senior executives. EFCG works as a partner with clients to evaluate existing technology and innovation strategy, provide data-driven industry perspective and benchmarking, conduct internal interviews of key stakeholders, evaluate and support organization design and structure, lead and support strategic planning workshops, assist in building effective teams, conduct market and client research, establish performance metrics, measure technology ROI, and sit alongside leaders to support implementation.

Strategic Planning & Road Mapping
Innovation Program Design
Innovation Program Design

EFCG helps firms unlock the value of innovation across an organization though the development and implementation of internal innovation programs. Well thought out and implemented innovation programs (i.e., accelerators, labs, innovation competitions, innovation networks) can motivate creativity, empower staff to unlock efficiency gains and grow revenue, drive positive workplace culture, and invigorate. EFCG also knows from experience that building programs is just the beginning. Keeping creative energy levels high and embedding innovation in an organization also requires heavy curation and ongoing support and as such EFCG typically supports innovation programs on an ongoing basis.

Organizational Network Analysis
Organizational Network Analysis

EFCG’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) enables firms of any size to deeply understand and monitor over time how their company, an acquisition target, or portfolio of companies is organized, operates, generates revenue, and communicates at individual employee granularity, on a single sheet a paper, and uniformly across companies using existing HRIS, ERP, and communication system data and saving 1000s of hours. In addition, ONA can be used as an alternative or enhancement to traditional customer relationship management (CRM) software to understand how the firm interacts with clients using existing communications data.

Business Meeting
Technical Due Diligence
Two Men in Office
Technical Due Diligence

EFCG is a key partner to private equity and strategic investors conducting due diligence in the AEC technology space. We specifically leverage our long history at the intersection of engineering practice and information technology to deliver thorough and insightful analysis rooted in experience and direct market knowledge.

Benchmarking & Market Analysis
Technology Benchmarking & Market Analysis

With information collected from EFCG’s CEO Database and Technology Leadership Conference, the Technology Practice can compare an AEC firm’s technology investment and strategy to their peers. In addition to the primary peer group (company size), firms can also compare themselves to peers regarding geography, business sector, functional sector, or client type. The ability to provide this market analysis gives firms an ability to plan for the future based on the direction the industry is heading and can make adjustments based on how their peers are investing.

Analysing data

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