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Mergers & Acquisitions

Completed M&A Transactions by Date

EFCG advised The Sanborn Map Company on its acquisition of the assets of Nuvia Dynamics.

EFCG provided advisory and valuation services to Morrison Hershfield on its acquisition by Stantec.

EFCG advised Alliance Technical Group on its acquisition of ORTECH Consulting.

EFCG initiated the transaction and advised Ramboll on the acquisition of it's subsidiary, Facility Data Services, by Trilon Group, a portfolio company of Alpine Investors.

EFCG advised Anser Advisory on its acquisition by Accenture.

EFCG initiated and advised Gafcon Digital on its acquisition by Anser Advisory

EFCG advised Littlejohn & Co on its acquisition of Ardurra


EFCG initiated and advised Alliance Technical Group on its acquisition of GBMc & Associates

EFCG initiated and advised on its acquisition by ClimeCo

EFCG advised Sanborn Map Company on its acquisition of AppGeo

EFCG initiated and advised Vertex on its acquisition of Fulcrum

EFCG initiated and advised Stanley Consultants on its acquisition of Traffic Engineering Data Solutions, Inc. (TEDS)

EFCG initiated and advised GAI Consultants on its acquisition of PGH Engineers & Consultants

EFCG initiated and advised Milton Chazen Associates on its acquisition by SAM

EFCG initiated and advised Comstock and Comstock Environmental on its acquisition by August Mack Environmental

EFCG advised on an undisclosed deal that cannot yet be announced

EFCG initiated and advised Wang Engineering on its acquisition by Terracon

EFCG advised Wang Engineering on its sale of Wang Testing to WTS Management Team


EFCG advised G-Logics on its acquisition by Atlas Geosciences NW

EFCG initiated and advised Arro Consulting on its acquisition by FMI Investment Partners

EFCG advised Braun Intertec and Agile Frameworks on its investment by Long Arc Capital

EFCG initiated and advised Vertex on its acquisition of LKB Consulting Engineers


EFCG initiated and advised The Chazen Companies on its acquisition by LaBella

EFCG advised on an undisclosed deal that cannot yet be announced.

EFCG initiated and advised Sargent & Lundy on its acquisition of Summit Engineering Services


EFCG initiated and advised Prime AE on its acquisition by Newhold Enterprises

EFCG initiated and advised Calthorpe Associates on its acquisition by HDR​

EFCG initiated and advised Wood & Grieve on its merger with Stantec


EFCG initiated and advised Ramboll  in its purchase of OBG


EFCG initiated and advised RW Block in its sale to RTC Partners​

EFCG initiated and advised Pastor, Behling & Wheeler  in its sale to Golder (Canada)

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EFCG advised First Reserve on due diligence issues in its acquisition of CHA Consulting

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EFCG initiated and advised POWER Engineers in its acquisition of Zephyr Environmental

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EFCG advised Wastren Advantage in its sale to Veolia (France)

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EFCG initiated and advised Woolpert in its sale of a minority equity stake to Long Point Capital

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EFCG initiated and advised Joyce Engineering in its sale to LaBella Associates

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EFCG initiated and advised Leggette Brashears & Graham in its sale to WSP (Canada)
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EFCG initiated and advised POWER Engineers in its Acquisition of Sega
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EFCG advised New Mountain Capital (private equity) in its Acquisition of TRC Companies
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EFCG initiated the sale of Summit Inspection to Bureau Veritas (France)
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EFCG advised Greystone Environmental Management in its sale to Partners Environmental
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EFCG initiated and advised Quantum in their sale to BSI (UK)
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EFCG advised Dade Moeller on valuation issues in their sale to NV5
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EFCG advised Leidos in the divestiture of its EPC Business to Haskell
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EFCG advised Bury in their sale to Stantec (Canada)
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EFCG advised ESA on valuation issues in their acquisition of PCR
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EFCG co-advised Coffey (Australia) in their sale to Tetra Tech
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EFCG advised Cardno (Australia) in their divestiture of ATC to Bernhard Capital (private equity)

EFCG initiated and advised Fay Spofford & Thorndike in their sale to Stantec (Canada)
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EFCG advised David Evans on their acquisition of Triad
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EFCG advised CEI in their sale to HDR
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EFCG initiated and advised ICA in their sale to HDR


EFCG advised S&ME on valuation issues in their acquisition of Littlejohn


EFCG initiated and advised Ramboll (Denmark) in their acquisition of Environ


EFCG advised management and a competing P.E. firm in the sale of Parsons Brinckerhoff to WSP (Canada)


EFCG initiated and advised Sustainable Resources Group in their divestiture of their Facilities Optimization Division to TerranearPMC


EFCG advised David Evans & Associates in their acquisition of Hall & Foreman


EFCG initiated and advised Conestoga Rovers & Associates (Canada) in their merger with GHD (Australia)


EFCG initiated and advised POWER Engineers in their acquisition of Burns & Roe


EFCG initiated and advised Weston Solutions in their subordinated debt financing provided by New Mountain Capital (private equity)


EFCG initiated and advised AK Environmental in their sale to NV5


EFCG initiated and advised Haynes Whaley in their sale to Cardno (Australia)


EFCG initiated and advised Apia XXI (Spain) in their sale to Louis Berger Group


EFCG initiated and advised the sale of M-E Companies to IBI (Canada)


EFCG initiated the sale of Chemrisk to Cardno (Australia)


EFCG initiated and advised Greenhorne & O’Mara in their sale of Stantec (Canada)


EFCG initiated and advised HR Gray in their sale to Haskell


EFCG initiated and advised Omni Environmental in their sale to Kleinfelder


EFCG provide valuation structure advice to Volkert in their acquisition of Allied Engineering & Testing


EFCG advised Rescan Environmental (Canada) in their sale to ERM (UK)


EFCG initiated and advised EM-Assist in their sale to Cardno (Australia)


EFCG provided valuation advice to Cimarron (Canada) in their sale to Stantec (Canada)


EFCG initiated and advised Jeffrey A Parker & Associates in their sale to Ernst & Young


EFCG initiated discussions on behalf of TRC in their acquisition of EORM’s East Region’s Assets


EFCG initiated and advised Jacobs Engineering in their acquisition of KlingStubbins


EFCG initiated and advised ERM in their acquisition of Oasis Environmental


EFCG initiated and advised TRC in their acquisition of Payne Firm


EFCG initiated and advised CDM in their merger with Wilbur Smith Associates


EFCG advised Damon S. Williams Associates in their sale to Jacobs Engineering

EFCG initiated and advised PHR+A in their sale to Pennoni


EFCG advised Tailwind Capital (private equity) on industry overview and due diligence issues in their acquisition of Apex Companies


EFCG initiated and advised Roux Associates in their divestiture of Domani Sustainability Consulting to Deloitte


EFCG advised Stantec (Canada) in their acquisition of Burt Hill


EFCG advised both HW Lochner and BWR in their merger


EFCG initiated and advised Atkins (UK) in their acquisition of PBS&J


EFCG initiated and advised PM Group (Ireland) in their acquisition of Greene Engineers


EFCG initiated and advised Anshen + Allen and Stantec (Canada) in their merger


EFCG initiated and advised ASC Geosciences in their sale to KCI Technologies


EFCG initiated and advised ERI on their sale to Cardno (Australia)


EFCG advised S&ME on valuation issues in their acquisition of QORE.


EFCG initiated and advised Jordan, Jones & Goulding in their sale to Jacobs Engineering


EFCG advised Trow (Canada) in their acquisition of Barenco (Canada)


Trevor Casey

Senior Vice President, M&A

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Emily Shaw

Vice President, M&A

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