Recession Risk Report

The EFCG Recession Report is a collection of best practices on how to best prepare for and navigate economic downturns effectively. Drawing upon historical trends in the a/e/c industry, it highlights the factors and strategies that distinguished the firms that performed best during the last recession. It provides actionable recommendations firms can implement now to maximize their performance across the economic cycle and address any forthcoming downturn effectively.

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Overview Letter of the A/E/C Industry

The EFCG Overview Letter summarizes our observations with respect to key changes, issues, trends, or activities taking place in the A/E/C industry, as well as an update of our latest conferences.  


Topics generally covered include trends in the M&A market, growth and profit metrics, speaker highlights from our most recent conference, and updates on the major public firms in the A/E/C industry.

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Comparable Public Company Analysis

A 15-page quarterly analysis of the 19 U.S. and Canadian, 13 European and Australian publicly-traded environmental and infrastructure e/c firms.

In this publication, we include summary financial profiles for each of the firms, as well as valuations from a variety of benchmarks, operating data and operating trends, and the most relevant financial ratios. Data in the analysis is adjusted to eliminate unusual or non-operating income items and charges in order to make the information more valuable to readers. Furthermore, data is presented using both median and average analysis so the reader can follow the quarterly significance for the industry.

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EFCG Weekly Briefing

The EFCG Weekly Briefing summarizes the week’s key news in the A/E/C industry, including M&A updates, and micro- and macro-trends, aggregated from industry-focused and global news sources. 

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