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EFCG Launches Sustainability Advisory Practice

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

EFCG is excited to announce the launch of the EFCG Sustainability Practice. EFCG’s Sustainability Practice has a mission of enabling A/E/C firms to enhance their position in the industry by embedding ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies in their core business functions. Through an integrated approach with its Strategic Planning, Financial Services, Technology, and Talent Management expertise, EFCG assesses how a firm is performing today and what real market opportunities it can unlock by implementing sustainable initiatives and aligning with key ESG targets. Our service offerings include sustainability advisory on corporate strategy and operations, assessment of climate risks and resiliency, ESG benchmarking of projects or investment portfolios, and support with reporting and communications.

Rather than following a purely top-down or bottom-up process, EFCG first identifies and engages key stakeholders throughout firms to be a part of driving the change. Furthermore, by leveraging its proprietary industry database that captures a wide range of performance metrics, EFCG assists executive leaders of A/E/C firms in making “the business case” for how sustainability and ESG can create a more successful, profitable, and impactful organization to their clients, their staff, their board and the society at large. Ultimately, we take a customized, data-driven approach for each firm so they can respond to new challenges with meaningful solutions while evolving in a way that preserves their mission and culture.

EFCG’s Sustainability Practice will be led by Dr. Andreas Georgoulias, continuing his long-standing contributions to the field. Andreas was instrumental in creating the Envision Rating System for Sustainable Infrastructure twelve years ago and has since consulted with public and private clients in all aspects of sustainability for the A/E/C industry. He has completed sustainability / ESG assessments for over $16 billion worth of assets, advised both publicly traded and privately held A/E/C firms on their ESG strategy and reporting, and helped establish a new Climate Change Division at a major multilateral development bank. Andreas has published three books on sustainability, sits on the Envision Review Board of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, and is a Senior Advisor to the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University.

For more information on the EFCG Sustainability Practice, reach out to Andreas at


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