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AEC firms urged to prioritise talent, tech and ESG investments

A big thank you to Liz Trew from Environment Analyst for this insightful article summarizing EFCG's 23rd annual CFO Conference last month.

Key themes highlighted in this piece include the talent and compensation challenge, the future impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools on engineering and consulting work, and the rise in sustainability and ESG-focused investments across the AEC industry in 2023. EFCG’s data shows that even with all the challenges facing the AEC industry, 2022 marked the strongest growth and profit the industry has seen since before the Great Recession, with 2023 and 2024 expected to hold steady.

EFCG is also delighted to honor Chris Nelson, CFO of McKim & Creed, as the 2023 CFO of the Year, for his outstanding leadership. Chris has guided his organization through successful acquisitions, tremendous financial growth, and improved employee engagement through transparency efforts.

Read the full article here:

Download PDF • 326KB


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