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Weekly Briefing: April 22-26, 2024

Week of April 22, 2024

AGC Releases New Sustainability Guidelines for Contractors

  • The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has released a comprehensive guide to assist contractors in tracking and reducing carbon emissions in construction projects, aiming to reduce the industry's significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The guide is structured around Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards, a framework used to measure emissions. It includes guidance around various project types including water, infrastructure, and transportation.

  • The guide highlights practical strategies and tools for contractors to measure their carbon footprint, identify areas for improvement, and implement emissions reduction measures throughout project lifecycles. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration among stakeholders and leveraging technology to achieve meaningful reductions in carbon emissions.

  • AGC's initiative reflects a broader trend within the construction industry towards prioritizing sustainability and reducing environmental impacts.


Architecture Billings Decline for the 14th Consecutive Month

  • The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) has declined for the 14th consecutive month, indicating ongoing challenges for the architecture industry. This downturn reflects a slowdown in demand for architectural services.

  • The ABI serves as a leading indicator of future construction activity, with declines suggesting potential challenges ahead for the construction sector. Architectural firms are facing pressures to adapt to changing market conditions.

  • Despite the overall decline, some regions and sectors within the architecture industry are experiencing varying levels of demand. The Midwest and South felt these effects the least, whereas, firms that specialize in commercial/industrial sectors saw the sharpest decline in billings.

  • Firms are exploring strategies to remain resilient, including diversifying their portfolios, optimizing operational efficiency, and leveraging digital technologies to streamline processes.

April 22, 2024

LJB, an Ohio-based transportation, engineering, and environmental services firm, backed by Copley Equity Partners, has acquired Gorrill Palmer, a Maine-based integrated land development, transportation, and municipal engineering firm. The acquisition brings expertise in several facets of civil engineering to LJB, including site development design and permitting, municipal engineering, transportation planning and engineering, and construction observation. Rod Sommer, CEO of LJB, commented, "Gorrill Palmer's areas of expertise align perfectly with our existing infrastructure services. We are very excited to see how the synergies we've already seen in strategy, services and culture will help both our firms progress and better serve our clients in New England and throughout the Northeast."


April 23, 2024

Salas O'Brien, a California-based engineering and facility planning firm, has acquired Industrial Ally, a Missouri-based mechanical, electrical, process, controls, and structural expertise services firm for manufacturers of cement, lime, and other building materials. The acquisition bolsters Salas O'Brien's industrial manufacturing services, specifically in the construction materials space. Wayne Harshman, CEO of Industrial Ally, commented, "Salas O'Brien has developed an impressive presence in the industrial manufacturing sector over the last six years. We wanted to align with a like-minded company that shares our values and business priorities. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for our team and our clients."


April 23, 2024

EIS Holdings, LLC (EIS), a Texas-based mission-critical environmental and infrastructure services firm, backed by Sun Capital Partners, has acquired Environmental Technology, Inc. (EN TECH), an Arizona-based environmental consulting services firm. The acquisition represents a key step in EIS's expansion strategy, aimed at enhancing its market presence across the United States. B.J. Stephan, CEO of EIS, commented, "EN TECH brings an extremely knowledgeable team with decades of experience in the environmental consulting space. This acquisition allows us to expand our environmental remediation platform into Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada. By integrating EN TECH's exceptional talent and technology into our ecosystems, we are well-positioned to drive sustained growth and deliver unmatched value to our stakeholders through the western United States."


April 24, 2024

Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering (ICE), a South Carolina-based transportation engineering and design services firm, backed by Godspeed Capital, has acquired IDCUS Inc. (IDCUS), a Texas-based professional services, civil engineering, and consulting firm specializing in public infrastructure development and management services. The IDCUS leadership team will remain with the firm following the transaction and continue to lead the business. The acquisition brings 90 IDCUS engineers and consultants to ICE and bolsters their portfolio of services in the southeast U.S. Douglas Lake, Founder & Managing Partner of Godspeed Capital, commented, "The addition of IDCUS and its talented team of engineers and consultants will further strengthen our platform's collective ability to provide stellar services to our customers in Texas and across the Southeastern U.S."

Sargent & Lundy is a gold sponsor of the Women’s Energy Network (WEN) conference, marking WEN’s 30th anniversary. The conference, themed ‘Envision What’s Next,’ will focus on the future of the power industry and its innovative transitions. A dozen female employees from Sargent & Lundy will attend, reflecting the firm’s commitment to fostering female leadership in the energy sector. The event will also celebrate WEN’s three decades of work, including its global impact on over 7,000 energy professionals. This sponsorship underscores Sargent & Lundy’s dedication to supporting industry innovation and gender diversity.


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