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EFCG is pleased to announce our client, The Sanborn Map Company, has expanded its global presence with the launch of Sanborn Geophysics, ULC

EFCG is pleased to announce that our client The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. (Sanborn), a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based provider of end-to-end GIS products and services, has acquired the assets of Nuvia Dynamics, Inc. The acquisition has enabled the establishment of its Canadian subsidiary, Sanborn Geophysics, ULC, located just outside of Toronto. Sanborn Geophysics will focus on geophysical survey services and equipment sales, opening a new market for Sanborn.


With a commitment to advancing geospatial data collection and aerial survey capabilities, Sanborn Geophysics builds upon Sanborn's extensive geospatial data expertise. John Copple, CEO of Sanborn, remarked, "The creation of Sanborn Geophysics expands Sanborn's already extensive geospatial data collection and aerial survey capabilities. We're uniquely positioned to not only collect specialized data but to do so with our own state-of-the-art equipment."


Congratulations to Sanborn's CEO, John Copple, its management team, and employees on the successful transaction. 


Read the original article on Sanborn here.

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