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EFCG 2023 CEO Conference Highlight Series: Organizational Design

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Firms often think about Organizational Design as how a company looks on an org chart. When you look deeper, Organizational Design is multidimensional. It is made up of 12 key components that are interconnected and can act as key differentiators of a company.

EFCG, AEC organizational design

At EFCG’s 2023 CEO Conference, we walked through this framework and discussed when it makes sense to change how a business is organized…and when it does not. EFCG surveys reveal that reorganizations focused on driving alignment to strategy and improving ways of working were generally seen by executives as having the highest levels of success. That being said, AEC firms estimate that restructuring P&Ls can cost up to 3% of Gross Revenues.

If this cost represents too substantial of a risk, which of the other 11 components might you adjust? If this cost is viewed as a worthwhile investment, how confident is leadership that the restructure will enable the company to achieve its goals?

Vishal Menon, EFCG

For more information on EFCG’s Organizational Design consulting services, contact:

Vishal Menon

EFCG Senior Advisory Associate


EFCG will welcome 250 CEOs to our 2024 CEO Conference as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of this premier event. Hear the latest on AEC performance through EFCG analysis and perspectives from experts and industry leaders.


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