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Alan Jennat Named EFCG 2022 CFO of the Year

EFCG’s 22nd Annual CFO Conference brought together over 100 financial leaders of A/E/C firms, in-person, from April 27-29 in New York City. During the conference, EFCG named Alan Jennat, CFO for Arup America’s region, their CFO of the Year, for his transformative leadership.

During his 16-year tenure as CFO, Alan has led a major expansion of global built environment consulting firm Arup across the North, Central, and South Americas, increasing organic revenue growth an average of 8%. He has extensive experience establishing and strategizing regional finance activities. He is well-known for his outstanding impact by supporting Arup’s successful cross-cultural organization management.

Central to Arup America’s success has been Alan’s active pursuit of stable growth even during disruptive economic periods. Alan launched and scaled Arup America’s investment into stronger risk management systems to improve Arup’s operational efficiency, and accelerate growth despite stretched resources.

Alan also embodies Arup’s core values, which include nurturing a community that is “Equal. Diverse. Inclusive.” Across the firm, he has fostered a culture that promotes inclusivity and open collaboration among employees. He not only strategizes Arup’s approach to creating a tolerant, empowered workforce; but he also gives his personal time and energy to mentor Arup employees. He believes resolutely that compassion, and a willingness to learn from others is a critical factor for business success.

Alan is passionate about the role mentorship and service can play in helping anyone succeed, especially youth facing socio-economic challenges. Alongside his lifelong dedication to mentoring minority students, Alan and his wife also established a scholarship trust to offer more inclusive academic and career opportunities to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

Alan continues to challenge the “business as usual” mentality and has welcomed opportunities to help support Arup’s employees through the recent global uncertainty and growing advocacy for healthier, more inclusive workplaces. He not only drove Arup forward with a discerning approach to risk but he also prioritized the upliftment of Arup’s employees, communities shaped by Arup’s projects and disadvantaged youth during these challenging but transformational times.

EFCG is proud to bestow their 2022 CFO of Year award on Alan Jennat, for his successful financial leadership and his focus on integrity and community impact.


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