Talent Strategy

Recruiting & Retention

Leveraging EFCG’s proprietary HR and compensation industry data as well as best practices from both inside and outside the industry, EFCG helps firms identify how to best hire, keep, and develop their valued talent. There is clearly a “War for Talent” in the AEC space, and we recognize that an effective and efficient recruiting strategy can drastically affect the performance of a company.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Reinforcing robust DEI programs helps every employee to show up each day without fear of being their true selves. This fosters higher degrees of engagement, productivity, and innovation that contribute to increased revenue. EFCG can help your team organize and execute educational workshops, employee surveys, and training programs so that your company can easily make DEI a priority.

Leadership & Management Strategies

With team members coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, EFCG is able to provide unique insights to the AEC industry and advise clients on leadership
development and skills, management strategies, and training and workshops for their rising leaders and employees.

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Organizational Design

EFCG regularly works with AEC firms to assess the effectiveness of their organizational design. Good organizational structure and design helps improve communication, increase productivity, and inspire innovation. The larger an organization grows, the more need there is for formal structure, defined work assignments, and clear lines of authority.

Compensation Data

EFCG’s Compensation and Benefits Database allows you to make truly informed business decisions by giving you reliable benchmarks based on your industry, company size, and closest competitors for talent. They allow you to understand and manage the market for talent rather than being dictated to by the market.

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