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Vikrant Viniak

Vikrant Viniak

Vice President, Global ESG Implementation Lead

Vikrant Viniak is Accenture’s North America Sustainability Services Lead, overseeing the delivery of discrete sustainability services as well as the integration of sustainability in all client work. He is also Client Account Lead for Accenture's ecosystem partner, Johnson Controls International.
In previous roles in Accenture Strategy, he focused primarily on the telecom, media and technology industries. He’s a dynamic business leader who is passionate about challenging himself and others to solve complex problems using creative thinking, bold action, and data-driven analysis and decision making. Vik is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast who likes to push his physical and intellectual boundaries. He is committed to going the extra mile in supporting, mentoring, and coaching people to achieve their goals. He is passionate about using technology and human ingenuity to drive impact in his socio-business ecosystem.
Vik started his career as a software engineer in Wipro and moved to become a supply chain consultant.

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