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Loren Labovitch

Loren Labovitch

Vice President, Global ESG Implementation Lead

Loren is an environmental and social sustainability specialist with nearly three decades of project, policy, and management experience. In his position, Loren oversees Stantec's US international development portfolio which provides a range of engineering and consulting services to support internationally funded infrastructure and economic development programs in emerging market countries throughout the world. Loren and his team are committed to helping developing countries pursue more resilient and inclusive growth, transition to lower carbon economies, and protect the “natural capital” people depend on for their livelihoods and wellbeing. Loren is a credentialed Envision Sustainability Professional with extensive knowledge of international environmental and social performance standards. He is also vice chair of the International Council of the American Water Works Association and a member of the advisory board of the Harvard Zofnass Sustainable Infrastructure Program.

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