Feb 1-2, 2018: 4th A/E/C Rising Leaders Conference



Rising Leader’s Conference

EFCG’s Rising Leader’s Conference is a 2-day conference, held at the New York Yacht Club and Harvard Club, and is intended help CEOs develop the “next generation” of leaders for their firms, providing them with a “Business 202” overview of the a/e/c industry. The program will draw from the insights we have developed over the past 25 years from our Industry Surveys and analyses, our CEO, CFO, CHRO and CIO Conferences, our Industry Overview Letters, and our experience providing business, financial and strategic advice to our clients. We will attempt to familiarize and “teach” the participants the analytical metrics and processes that we have developed to enhance a firm’s efficiency, profitability and financial value creation.
Participation is limited to 100 and by invitation only.